Military memorials

Many destructive wars have passed through the territory of nowadays Latvia over several hundred years. Numerous military graves and cemeteries have become a sad result of these conflicts. Unfortunately, not all the names of the victims are known and not all the relatives of the dead soldiers know their fate. Members of the “Ruthenia” society consider it their duty to help correct this situation. In particular, for several years a group of activists from the “Ruthenia” society, the Russian Society in Latvia (ROvL) and other organizations as well as private persons have been working on the “Electronic Memory Book of Latvia” dedicated to the soldiers of the Russian and Red armies, who died during the Second Patriotic (WWI), Civil and the Great Patriotic (WWII) wars on the territory of nowadays Latvia.

On the other hand, outside Latvia there are military graves where Latvians are buried, as well as monuments dedicated to their lives and deeds are erected. Regrettably, not all of these memorial sites are known to the modern generation of Latvians and are objects of attention of the current Latvian authorities. The “Ruthenia” society also devotes a lot of time to researching these memorials.