Maps of military memorials

In 2012 activists of the “Ruthenia” society together with the Russian Society in Latvia (ROvL) published a print publication “The Great Patriotic War on the Map of Latvia: 490 monuments and military graves”. 490 monuments and military graves were marked on the map – from solitary graves to fraternal cemeteries, where tens of thousands of Red Army soldiers, both identified and unknown, are buried, and from inconspicuous memorial plaques to grandiose memorial ensembles. In addition, many burial sites of civilians – victims of the Nazi terror were indicated, especially as they rest next to soldiers very often.

In 2017 activists of the “Ruthenia” society, together with the “Memorial of Our Memory” society, published a re-edition of the above-mentioned publication with corrections and additions: “The Great Patriotic War on the map of Latvia: 610 monuments and military graves”.

And in 2018 activists of the “Ruthenia” society together with the Association of Cultural and Historical Heritage of the Baltic Slavs “Baltoslav” (Lithuania) and the Baltic Youth Association “Juvenis” (Lithuania) issued a card “They liberated the Motherland! Baltic units of the Red Army: battle route and memorials in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, 1944-1945”. It shows the battle route and main memorials of the 130th Latvian Rifle Corps, the 8th Estonian Rifle Corps and the 16th Lithuanian Rifle Division of the Red Army in the three Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.